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We offer a full-service solution that seamlessly delivers meaningful aerial data to our clients, who trust us to handle their outsourced aerial inspections rather than having to set up and maintain an in-house Aerial Data Acquisition Program.

Thaejus Aerodyne provides a comprehensive package that encompasses: Consultancy, Experienced Pilots, Field professionals, Aerial intelligence data, Processing & Analysis, with Secure privacy and confidentiality in reporting right from:


Our team of highly qualified pilots and certified operations personnel will meet you and perform a reconnaissance exercise to understand and review your project needs before configuring specialized tailor-made mission plans to ensure safe, efficient, high-quality data capture.


Every flight plan we execute is safe, legal and meets the standards prescribed by the DGCA. Our flight operations team have built an aviation-grade procedure checklist that stresses upon operational excellence.


We deploy UAS operators that possess the practical and professional experience to capture high quality actionable aerial data, with precision, every time.


Our specialized team process the meta-data from your project to create quality data products.


Our aerial data engineers analyze every project using the latest tools and professional experience to ensure accurate useable aerial data results.


We provide a thorough and concise report along with inputs from your team to design friendly interfaces to interpret the data by your personnel.

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