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Many industries today are inventing new ways to integrate UAS into their data intelligence programs that require high frequency, time-sensitive and secure deployment of drones and may wish to incorporate their own UAS division. Thaejus Aerodyne Research Corp understands this need and takes pride in providing the best training programs in the country to customers who want to use their own equipment and pilots.

Our customized “plug-and-play” solutions include everything required to set up your personal UAS operations division. 


A complete drone package that includes remotely piloted vehicles, consumables, spares, batteries, controller, and specific sensor modules.


Each Toolkit includes access to a complete software solution that makes it easy to fly safely, capture quality data, and manage flight operations.


Thaejus Aerodyne offers intensive, hands-on training for your licensed pilots. We offer instruction in proven safety protocols as well as flight skills and data capture procedures specific to your application.


Our valued customers have continued access to our technical support helpdesk for any issues encountered. We also provide an initial implementation consulting program and an Operations Manual to ensure that your team operates legally within the prescribed safety guidelines.

Our solutions make aerial intelligence gathering safe whilst empowering organizations to take control of their aerial data acquisition activity.

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